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  1. Dichtung Digital

    Journal on digital aesthetics, edited by Roberto Simanowski. Dichtung Digital features articles by artists as well as scholars on digital literature and art. It was founded in 1999 and ran to 36 issues by the year 2007, with ten contributions per issue. The journal contents can be gleaned by browsing the newsletters (one per issue) and abstracts for each contribution, and there is also an comprehensive index of contributions and contributors.

    Patricia Tomaszek - 14.09.2010 - 17:32

  2. Cybertext Yearbook

    Founded as an academic print publication by Markku Eskelinen and Raine Koskimaa in 2000, the Cybertext Yearbook has been freely available online in PDF since 2007. Since 2003 the volumes have been mainly theme based. Despite the name the volumes do not necessarily appear annually. (Note: Individual volumes of Cybertext Yearbook are listed as book collections in the ELMCIP Knowledge Base).

    The Cybertext Yearbook -julkaisusarja käynnistyi vuonna 2000. Vuodesta 2003 lähtien yksittäiset numerot ovat keskittyneet tiettyyn teemaan. Päätoimittajina toimivat Markku Eskelinen ja Raine Koskimaa. Teemanumeroilla on usein myös vieraileva toimittaja. Nimestään huolimatta julkaisuja ei välttämättä ilmesty vuosittain.


    Patricia Tomaszek - 14.09.2010 - 17:39

  3. Afsnit P

    Afsnit P is a Danish site for visual literature and intermedia art that has been active since 1999 (until 2011). The Danish word afsnit means section or paragraph, and the p stands for poetry, referring to both poesis and pictura according to its three editors, Christian Yde Frostholm, Karen Wagner, and Charlotte Hansen. Afsnit P is described as a cross between a virtual gallery and journal. It contains a blog, which features information about exhibitions, events, recent publications, and a virtual gallery which showcases creative work. In addition, several essays about visual and digital poetry and art have been published on the site. There is also an extensive link library. While there is a natural emphasis on Nordic artists and events, the content is international and the site functions as a portal for Nordic audiences to experimental, visual writing as an international phenomenon. Afsnit P is mainly in Danish with a smaller English section.

    Patricia Tomaszek - 16.09.2010 - 17:48

  4. Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures

    In close affiliation with Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, a parent journal of Hyperrhiz, this site hosts experimental web-based projects. Hyperrhiz also provides a forum for the presentation of electronic installations, games, and performances through the use of archival video, photo, and text documentation. It is a peer-reviewed online journal of net art and electronic literature that is published twice yearly. The editor's interest lies "in the genres of electronic discourse, and how these formats might affect the expression of complex discourses within new media." Hyperrhiz welcomes submissions of net-ready art projects, electronic literature works, and review essays. As the journal's name suggests, works written in the spirit of Deleuzian approaches are welcomed but not required.

    Patricia Tomaszek - 17.09.2010 - 15:36


    A collection of critical writing and works in German.
    Edited by Johannes Auer, Christiane Heibach, and Beat Suter

    Patricia Tomaszek - 17.09.2010 - 16:50

  6. Transcript

    Publishing house with an emphasis on culture and media studies (among others). Books are distributed in the USA through Transaction Publishers.

    Patricia Tomaszek - 17.09.2010 - 21:24

  7. Gyldendal norsk forlag

    Gyldendal norsk forlag

    Thomas Brevik - 21.09.2010 - 10:53

  8. Johns Hopkins University Press

    The Johns Hopkins University Press is the publishing division of the Johns Hopkins University. It was founded in 1878 and holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously running university press in the United States. To date the Press has published more than 6,000 titles and currently publishes 65 scholarly periodicals and over 200 new books each year. Since 1993, the Johns Hopkins University Press has run Project MUSE, a large online collection of over 250 full-text, peer-reviewed journals in the humanities and social sciences. The Press also houses the Hopkins Fulfilment Services (HFS), which handles distribution for a number of university presses and publishers. Taken together, the three divisions of the Press - Books, Journals (including MUSE) and HFS - make it one of the largest of America's university presses.

    Patricia Tomaszek - 21.09.2010 - 11:06

  9. Danish Radio

    Danish Radio

    Hans K Rustad - 21.09.2010 - 11:16

  10. The MIT Press

    The MIT Press

    Patricia Tomaszek - 21.09.2010 - 11:21