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  1. Vilém Flusser

    Vilém Flusser was a Czech-born philosopher and journalist who lived and worked in Brazil and later France. Flusser wrote primarily in German, Portuguese, and French on a wide range of subjects, including migration, photography, anthropology, and communication. In the decade and a half since his death, translations of Flusser's books began appearing in English. Subsequently, Flusser has been heralded as a pioneering philosopher of media studies.

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 22.08.2011 - 15:20

  2. Leon Ferrari

    Born in 1920, Buenos Aires, León Ferrari was raised in a Catholic environment where he worked for his father constructing and painting churches after he graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (1947) with a degree in Engineering. León started working with ceramics when his family had to move to Rome (1953-1955) to treat his first daughter Mariela for Tuberculous Meningitis. There he discovered his love of clay and ceramic forms, which landed him his first solo show in Milan and began his association with other artists such as Lucio Fontana, Renato Marino and Meli. Ferrari continued on to have one man shows in Argentina and to raise criticism from the church and newspapers through his sarcastic religious and political works such as The Impregnating Tree (the first to openly criticize Christianity). His international acclaim began after his politically induced self-exile to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1976 after the many military crimes which took place over a coup d’état in March of that year.

    Luciana Gattass - 14.11.2012 - 14:46

  3. Abraham A. Moles

    Abraham A. Moles was an electrical engineer, sociologist and philosopher, who held two doctorates, one in Physics and one in Philosophy. As he was specialized in electroacoustics he worked for the “Laboratoire d’acoustique et de vibrations” [Laboratory of Acoustics and Vibrations] of the “Centre national de la rechereche scientifique” [National Center for Scientific Research] (CNRS) in Marseille. He taught Sociology and Psychology at the Universities of Ulm, Strasbourg, San Diego, Mexico, Compiègne. He was the founder of the Institute of Social Psychology of Communication in Strasbourg.

    Scott Rettberg - 26.06.2013 - 10:20

  4. Edwin Morgan

    Edwin Morgan

    Alvaro Seica - 09.10.2013 - 11:57