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Books by mIEKAL aND, Bruce Andrews, Lee Ballentine, Charles Bernstein, Jake Berry, Hakim Bey, Ann Bogle, David Cole, jwcurry & Mark Laba, Bill DiMichele, Lloyd Dunn, KS Ernst, Peter Ganick, Gazaliel, Michael Helsem, Crag Hill, Geof Huth, Karl Kempton, Alison Knowles, Joel Lipman, Malok, Musicmaster, Sheila Murphy, George Myers, Jr., Rea Nikonova, Harry Polkinhorn, Bern Porter, Keith Rahmmings, Dan Raphael, Laurie Schneider, Joe Schwind, Serge Segay, Charles Stein, Elizabeth Was, Hannah Weiner, Peter Lamborn Wilson. (Source: Xexoxial Editions website).

NOTE: Early publications by Xexoxial were published under the Xerox Sutra Editions imprint.

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