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Media Department, Macquarie University
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Scan is a refereed on-line journal (ISSN 1449-1818) devoted to the media arts and culture, hosted by the Media Department at Macquarie University, Sydney.

Its approach is inter-disciplinary, as is its subject matter. Scan draws on media studies, cultural studies, media law, information and technology studies, fine arts and philosophy. Scan considers developments in new media, digital art, screen arts, music and audio arts, as well as the culture enveloping these practices and technologies.

Scan is concerned with both the aesthetics and the political economy of media arts, as practised in both new and traditional media forms. Scan will be published electronically three times a year. Each issue will be thematic, comprising 6-10 articles, with a maximum word-length of 6,000 words. (Source: Journal website.)

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Eric Dean Rasmussen