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RiTa† is designed to be an easy-to-use toolkit for experiments in natural language and generative literature. RiTa is implemented in Java and JavaScript with a single API and optionally integrates with Processing. It is free/libre and open-source via a GPL license.

Some of the features of RiTa include:

  • Text-generation via Context-Free Grammars and Markov-chains
  • Taggers for Syllables, Phonemes, Stress, Part-of-Speech, etc.
  • Modules for tokenization, verb conjugation, pluralization, and stemming
  • A user-customizable lexicon with a letter-to-sound phoneme generation
  • Integration with Processing, ProcessingJS, and NodeJS
  • Runs in or outside the browser, with or without Processing
    (also in Android)
  • Optionally integrates with (locally-installed) WordNet dictionary


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Based on the RiTa library for Java, RiTaJS was developed to provide a seamless transition for those wishing to work with programmatic natural language natively in the web browser. For server-side applications, RiTaJS also runs as a Node.js module. The RiTa tools are currently implemented for English with a Spanish version under development.


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Sumeya Hassan