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MAVERIK is designed to support 3D virtual environments, and interaction with those environments. It uses Mesa or OpenGL to perform low-level rendering, but includes a lot of stuff on top of this to render different kinds of objects, to manage environments and provide support for 3D interaction. MAVERIK is a VR application developers toolkit/framework; it is not an end-user application.

The system is designed to be fairly open-ended in the way that it represents different kinds of models. It uses call-back functions to do this, rather than importing and converting data to its own formats. This means that it can be adapted relatively easily to widely differing application data structures without forcing particular representations on the implementor. Thus, for example, if you have a simulation in which different parts of your model are varying dynamically, but in ways which cannot be represented using normal affine transformations (e.g. deformable objects), then MAVERIK will allow you to use the dynamically changing data directly to generate images.
It also contains support for a variety of 3D input devices, and various kinds of displays (including stereo).

Maverik runs on GNU/linux PCs, and Silicon Graphics workstations.


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Scott Rettberg