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A Control Data 6400 system was installed in May, 1974 in the computer room of the then Physics Laboratory RVO-TNO. The Control Data 6600-system was developed in 1964 as a "supercomputer" by Seymour R.Cray (architect) and James E.Thornton (detailed design). The Control Data 6400 was introduced by Control Data in 1965 as a simpler and 2.5 times slower version of the 6600. The Control Data 6400 was leased for its second "life period" to the Physics Laboratorium RVO-TNO.

The system was - at that time - very fast. The configuartion comprised with two tape-units, one card reader - able of reading 600 cards per minute - and one chain printer (thinking about it, I still see the dansing characters). The architecture of the Control Data 6000 series computers was an interesting model for studies of the newly invented Petri-nets as well as computation optimalisation techniques.



Pascal was created on the CDC 6000 series computers at ETH Zurich (Federal Instute of Technology). The CDC 6000 family started with the 6600, at the time of its introduction the fastest computer in the world. After the 6600 was introduced, Control Data Corporation introduced the 6400, a slower and cheaper model of the 6600, and that is the machine U. Ammann mentions implementing a Pascal compiler for.


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CDC 6600
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