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Danish DJ and producer Tommy Gee formed ambient-techno-funk outfit Tournesol with partner Thomas Lynge in 1990. Deriving the name from Gee's propensity as a DJ for throwing in snippets of Tintin read-along records (Tournesol is the mad professor character in Belgian artist Hergé's famous strip), the group's work first appeared on the Danish CD project Secrets. Primarily engaging ambient, techno, electro, and funk on tracks not immediately recognizable as dancefloor fare, Tournesol's two full-length albums, Kokotsu and Moonfunk, are highly respected for pushing genre boundaries into areas of suggestive, far-reaching overlap.

In 2000, Gee co-created the sound for Morten Søndergaard's electronic work Landskaber omkring digtet Kompas, a work exhibited online at The music, along with Søndergaard's reading of his poetry, was also released as a CD.

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