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Video director, Tamara Lai turns into 1993 to the digital techniques: video, special computer graphics and effects, and the writing of news, interactive tales and poetry (Cd-Roms). Early Web activist and artist of the networks (1997-> 2008), her research goes on the Net art/ Web Art (sites, performances cam_&_chat, videoconferences…), and particularly the creation of participative numerical spaces. Her works “between happening and transitory art”, has been exhibited internationally as official selections of festivals and events in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Canada, Hong-Kong, New York, Turkye, Minnesota, United Kingdom, Thailand, Irland, Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Cuba, Venezuela, Greece, Sweden, Chile, Uruguay...

After two years in the study of Chinese martial arts and Taoist philosophy, TL. comes back to video art.

[Source: http://users.skynet.be/tamara.lai/ ]

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Voyage avec l’ange Published on disc, CD, or DVD 1999
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Tamara Lai
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