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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Peter Howard was born in Nottingham, educated at the Royal Grammar School, Worcester, and Hertford College, Oxford. He now lives in Milton, a village just outside Cambridge, UK, where he is a telecommunications systems design consultant (whatever that means) for Hidalgo and a poet (whatever that means). He's written a booklet of poems called Low Probability of Racoons and has had poems published in magazines, on the WWW, and read on television.

For five years, Peter wrote an Internet poetry column for Poetry Review, and he occasionally acts as guide for those wanting to find out about poetry and literature on the Internet.

He took part in the first trAce conference on Writers & the Internet held at the Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham, and in the Beyond Art? colloquium held in the Oxford Union Debating Chamber. You can now read the papers presented by some of the speakers at the colloquium. He has also given talks at two trAce Incubation symposia, and was a tutor for the trAce Writing School, teaching Animated Poetry in Flash. Howard is a member of the performance group The Joy of Six.

(Source: Adapted from About page on Peter Howard's site)

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