Nanni Balestrini

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Poet and novelist, born in London July 2, 1935, and currently lives between Paris and Rome.
In the early 60's is one of the poets "last things" and "Group 63", which brings together the writers of the new avant-garde.
In 1963 he composed the first poem made with a computer.
It 'author, among other things, the cycle of poems of Miss Richmond and novels on political struggles of '68 and the years of lead as we want it all and The Invisibles.
He played a role in the birth of culture magazines "Il Verri", "Fifteen", "Alfabeta", "Zoooom."
It also operates in the field of visual arts, has exhibited in numerous galleries in Italy and abroad, and in 1993 at the Venice Biennale.

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Nanni Balestrini
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