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Mariana Neţ is a Professor and Senior Researcher at the “Iorgu Iordan – Al. Rosetti” Institute of Linguistics in Bucharest, Romania. She was a Visiting Scholar at New York University (2007-2008), as well as guest Professor at the University of Perpignan(1993), and guest lecturer at many other prestigious Universities in Europe and the US. She has published 100-odd articles in Romanian and international scholarly journals. Her fields of interest are English and French languages and literatures, cultural studies, semiotics, mentalities, lifestyles and social history. She is currently working on a book on Bucharest and New York City around 1900.

Among her recent books: Alexandre Dumas, écrivain du 21e siècle. Paris: L’Harmattan, 2008; Our Daily Shocks (in Romanian). Bucureşti, Ideea Europeanä, 2007; Philosophy of Language, Semiotics, Mentalities. Iaşi: Institutul European, 2005; Literature, Strategies, and Metalanguage. A Semiotic Approach.Wien: Verlag des Instituts für Sozio-Semiotische Studien, 2002; Literature, Atmosphere, andSociety. A Semiotic Approach. Wien: Verlag des Instituts für Sozio-Semiotische Studien, 2000; Up to the Star. The Life and Work of the Romanian Poet M. Eminescu. Cluj: Clusium, 2000; Eminescu, Differently (In Romanian). Bucureşti: Minerva, 2000; A. Dumas: le pays où il fait mort. Wien: Verlag des Instituts für Sozio-Semiotische Studien, 1997.

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