Kathryn Darnell

United States
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Kathryn Darnell comes to poetry film only recently after several decades as a professional calligrapher and illustrator in traditional media. Her “animated calligraphics” grew out of experimental calligraphy on paper involving layers of words that create abstract manuscripts or calligraphic paintings: shapes and rhythms from the poetry, as well as those inherent in the act of writing. Animating this work takes it a step further and solves several aesthetic conundrums that have plagued her for years. Every animation still begins with calligraphy created with pen or brush on paper.

A native of Michigan in the U.S. and a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Art, Kate divides her time between commercial art and fine art practice. She is also an adjunct professor of art at Lansing Community College.



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The Book of Hours Published on the Web (online gallery) 2017
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Kathryn Darnell
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