Jean-Louis Le Breton

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One of the pioneers of French interactive fiction and former May 68 protester, Le Breton expressed a desire to spread revolutionary ideas through video games. In 1984, Le Breton founded a company called Froggy Software along with his friend's son Fabrice Gille. He programmed six works of interactive fiction: Paranoiak, Epidemie, Le Crime du Parking, Même les pommes de terre ont des yeux! (written by Clotilde Marion), La femme qui ne supportait pas les ordinateurs (written by Chine Lanzmann), and La Crapule, before his company got bankrupt in 1987. Especially Paranoiak, which introduced contemporary settings and serious themes such as depression as well, was critically acclaimed: its author received the Pomme d'Or award for the best software on Apple II. Having ended his adventure with interactive fiction, Le Breton moved into journalism. He is currently an editor for Le Gaston Canard magazine.

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Jean-Louis Le Breton
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