Deborah Mersky

Johnson City , TX
United States
Texas US
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I have made my way in the world as both a studio artist and a designer in the field of public art. The pursuits meander side by side, often crossing over.

In the studio, in addition to drawing and painting, I use a clay printing technique that I have developed and refined in which I carve the surface of a clay slab, then print it with oil based inks. My work has been shown nationally in galleries and is in collections as diverse as MICROSOFT and the Fundacion Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic. In the arena of public art I have created pieces for libraries, hospitals, parks, light rail, and public utility facilities in Washington, Oregon, California, Minnesota and Texas. In both realms, the overlapping worlds of nature and human habitation on earth is what interests me, particularly the delicate, off kilter moment we currently reside in.


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Fish Net Stockings Exhibited at gallery or event, Installation 2015
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Deborah Mersky
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