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Cheryl Ann Fulton is an American harpist. Fulton performs, records, teaches, and researches the harp. She is a performer of historical harps, and one of the few harpists to play triple harp, medieval harp, and lever harps.

Fulton has performed on over thirty albums and soundtracks broadly ranging from medieval, baroque, orchestral, and contemporary music to Celtic music and film scores, on records labels such as PolyGram, Koch International Classics, Nonesuch, Gourd Music, and others. Her first solo album, The Airs of Wales, brought her recognition. She is a composer as well as a performer, and her original compositions from her second solo album, The Once & Future Harp (Gourd Music), have been featured on National Public Radio.

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Braid Published on the Web (virtual world) 2009
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Cheryl Ann Fulton
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