Caio Augusto Ribeiro

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Caio Augusto Ribeiro is a Brazilian artist and writer living in Cuiabá/MT. He published the books Porão da Alma (authors club), Colecionador de Tempestades (Carlini&Caniato, 2017) and Manifesto da Manifesta (Carlini&Caniato, 2018). He is the editor and founder of the digital magazine Matapacos and a founding member of the Coma A Fronteira Collective, in which he investigates hybrid arts and urban interventions. He is the director of the short film Requiem For Flowers (2017) and conducts workshops on poetic production, urban art and drama. 

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Impulsopoemas Published on the Web (social network) 2021

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Caio Augusto Ribeiro
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