Université de Cergy Pontoise

33 Boulevard du Port, 95000
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Cergy-Pontoise University is a national university offering undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies in law, economy and management, modern languages, literature and social sciences humanities, science and technology. There are a Doctoral School of Science and Engineering, Doctoral School of Law and Social Sciences, Doctoral School of Economy and Mathematics. In addition to the courses traditionally available in all major Universities, Cergy-Pontoise provides vocational courses responding to the needs of today's economy. The University is an expanding state-funded scientific, cultural and vocational establishment made up of 5 teaching and research faculties : law, economy and management, modern languages and international studies, literature and social sciences humanities, science and technology, a University Institute of Technology (IUT), an Institute for Political Studies (IEP) and a Teachers Training Institute (ESPE).


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