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Det Norske Samlaget is a Norwegian publishing house founded on 24 March 1868 with the aim to promote and publish books in Landsmål, now known as Nynorsk.[1]

Det Norske Samlaget is now divided into two institutions: a literature organization, Litteraturselskapet Det Norske Samlaget, which is a culturally focused political-interest organization, and the publishing portion, Forlaget Det Norske Samlaget, which since 1978 has been a non-profit foundation and is responsible for publishing operations.

As a political organization, Litteraturselskapet Det Norske Samlaget works to promote the use of Nynorsk and the preparation and publication of books in Nynorsk. It is also responsible for several grants and awards such as the Nynorsk Literature Prize, the Melsom Prize (Melsom-prisen) established in 1922 through the endowment of shipowner Ferd. Melsom and the Blix Prize (Blixprisen) established through the Emma and Elias Blix Endowment.

Since 1978 the Forlaget Det Norske Samlaget has been an independent, separately operating nonprofit foundation. This publishing organization publishes the magazine Syn og Segn, books, historical, biographical and literary works, youth and children's books, textbooks, dictionaries, scientific and popular scientific books in Nynorsk.


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