Østre Skostredet 3
5017 Bergen
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Østre is a house for experimental music and sound based art practices. Østre hosts concerts, exhibitions and art installations. Østre was one of the exhibition venues used during ELO 2015.

The house opened as a collaboration between Ekko and Lydgalleriet in 2012, and has several facilities with bars at both floors.

The concert hall, which originally was an assembly hall from the late 1700s, has a 240 audience capacity and a roof height of five metres. Østre's concert hall has great up to date solutions with high quality and flexibility, with a mobile stage which is set up whenever a stage is required for our events. The halls technical solutions provides Østre with the possibility to use both traditional stereophonic setup and quadraphonic setup for best possible utilization of todays technological possibilities.

First floor of the house contains Østre's main exhibition room.

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Pål Alvsaker
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