Capilano University, CultureNet (Associate of Arts Degree - Culture & Technology)

Capilano University V7J 3H5 North Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA
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CultureNet is a two-year multidisciplinary program designed for students interested in examining contemporary culture with a focus on how people interact with technology.
The rapid introduction of new technologies is making us rethink how we communicate, how we create, and how we share knowledge.  What impact does this have on society? How is it reshaping our economy, politics, citizenship, education, the arts and culture?  These questions are at the heart of CultureNet - Capilano University’s Associate of Arts Degree in Culture and Technology.

While in the program, CultureNet students are challenged to participate in current debates on the relationship between culture, technology and education while exploring future career and/or study options with the assistance of faculty and guest lecturers active in the arts, culture industries, education, information technology and new media.

This program is no longer accepting applications.

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