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The Procida Academy of New Media and Digital Arts intends to consolidate the island’s literary identity through digital culture and technological innovation and to become a pilot centre of excellence for digital cultural studies, electronic literature and e-learning in the fields of e-content and e-publishing.

The Procida Academy of New Media and Digital Arts aims to provide a connective/collective cognitive environment for both research and learning. At the same time, its goal is to produce and promote innovative models of digital storytelling and communication, which will be created thanks to hands-on workshops enabling participants to share knowledge and know-how.


With a view to examining the evolution in transmedial linguistics, the research activities will cover the heterogeneous area of e-content, making a distinction between contents with a specifically literary approach and those with a communicative purpose. There will be a focus on the transition from analogical to digital languages and on the contribution technological interfaces and scripting make to forms of digital culture.

Particular emphasis will be given to the area of electronic literature and technological languages, researching best practices in publishing and encouraging the cultural transition towards digital expression through the creation of experimental formats.


In concordance with the integration between Humanities & Technology, the methodology we adopt in the learning and e-leaning process involves both cultural and economic stakeholders, with laboratory activities that take theoretical studies of case histories as their starting point. This approach gives participants an understanding that is enlightened by an awareness of the complexity of the e-content environment, enabling them to develop skills enhanced by the transfer of know-how.

To produce and promote

The producing and promoting laboratories are strategic activities for the New Media and Digital Arts Academy.

In fact, “learning by doing” is the best approach to understand the relationship between content and its transposition into digital form, and to give students the freedom to translate their knowledge in creativity.

The P&P Labs involve all the players in the digital cultural industry supply chain - writers, artists and technicians - to give everyone the opportunity to increase their professional skills in their own particular field, and to carve out their niche in the e-content and e-publishing industry.

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