Uchronia: What if ?

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In a world that draws our attention to the present moment, both facts and stories are now subject to fluctuations, whether fictional or virtual. What if we started inventing the truths we desired, to the detriment of genuine facts? What kinds of worlds would this create?

Uchronia | What if? offers a collection artworks that create uncommon, digital versions of the world and of history. They create speculative futures, revisiting history by exploring new approaches to political and social impasses; exploiting a dystopian internet and alternative networks; confronting multiple experiences of time, both human and machine-based.

For ELO 2018, curator Lisa Tronca presents a selection of Uchronia | What if? artists, some exhibiting their work for the first time in Montreal. By proposing different modes of reception of hypermedia works, this exhibition questions the gaps and connections between physical and virtual worlds.

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June Hovdenakk
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