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Is society’s digital turn reflected in the way we read and write literature? Will literature be “turned on” by digital media? How do media change culture? How does culture change and inform the digital field?
How can libraries best introduce new digital literature to the public? The objective of “Turn on Literature” is to find solutions to this questions. The partners will approach the field of digital literature through the work with literary installations, exhibitions and workshops in Romania, Denmark and Norway. The partnership will seize the opportunities that digital literature offers for audience development and will reposition the library to suit users’ needs in an increasingly digitised world. Target groups will be young adults and traditional book readers at the libraries.

The key components in doing this will be:

Capacity Building – Digitisation
Key Component 1: Production of interactive literature installations involving users in the creation of digital literature at the library. As part of our audience development plan the installations will be designed to be used in co-creation workshops with young adults.

Audience Development
Key Component 2: Digital literature exhibitions. Making new European literature publicly accessible and giving traditional readers a new perspective on digitization.

Capacity Building – Training and Education
Key Component 3:  Best Practice Kit – including material from capacity building workshops, exhibition videos, website and printed material – will work as a tool of dissemination of experiences and results and will be targeted towards cultural professionals.


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