Text/ures: L’Objet-livre du Papier au Numérique

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19.11.2014 to 21.11.2014
Archives Nationales Paris
Bibliotheques Nationale de France Paris
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs Paris
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This international and transdisciplinary project aims at exploring hybrid objects: pop-up books, artists books, sculpture-books or animated books and new digital books, in the shape of e-books and applications that, because they belong to both litterature and graphic culture, actually avoid preexisting categories.

The idea is to work with the material to explore textual architextures as well as tactile possibilities, even kinetic ones. Book-bjects will be considered in their historical dimension — by retracing existing filiations between mechanical books and digital books — but also analyzed from the angle of materiality. We will try to understand the way these books, digital or not, stretch the limits or paper and operate on new types of surfaces to create innovative, playful, tactile and esthetic devices.

Ce projet international et transdisciplinaire envisage d’explorer la gamme d’objets hybrides que sont les livres pop-up, les livres d’artistes, les livres-sculptures ou encore les livres animés jusqu’aux nouveaux livres numériques, sous forme d’e-books et d’applications qui, par leur appartenance à la fois au domaine littéraire et à la culture graphique, échappent, de fait, aux catégories préexistantes.

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A Topographical Approach to Re-Reading Print Books About Islands in Digital Literary Spaces J. R. Carpenter book, islands, computer-generated literature, generated narratives, topos, topography, reading
The Digital Reception of a Hundred Thousand Billion Poems Jonathan Baillehache Oulipo, generative literature, combinatory poetry, critical reception
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J. R. Carpenter
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