Spanish Language Electronic Literature Seminar

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University of Bergen, Humanities Faculty
Sydnesplassen 7
5020 Bergen
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The UiB Electronic Literature Research Group is pleased to welcome SPIRE guest researcher Maya Zalbidea (Ces Don Bosco University Madrid). Zalbidea presented the Spanish Language Electronic Literature Collection (2013-2014) she has developed in the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base: The collection features Spanish language electronic literature from Spain and Latin America. Interactivity, collaboration and multimodality will be highlighted as elements that authors use in works that protest social injustice, demand equal rights, and increase the reader’s curiosity. Zalbidea will also present the results of a reader response study of some works from the Spanish language e-literature collection.


Spanish Language Electronic Literature Seminar by Maya Zalbidea

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Alvaro Seica
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