Language and Encoding: A Symposium for Artists, Programmers, and Scholars

08.11.2002 to 09.11.2002
Buffalo , NY
United States
New York US
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Key practitioners in new media arts, cultural theory, computer science, and poetics deliberate issues critical to the intertwined engagements of language, expression, and computer code in emergent media. Addressed will be issues of the status of code as language, how programming languages modulate intention, and how programming mediates language. Further, the often contradictory interdependence of language and encoding, the duality of code as notation and instruction, the "otherness" of the executable work, the relevance of particular languages to specific tasks, and the machine/human language border will be interrogated. Responding to these issues will be artists, programmers, and scholars with diverse interests and varied backgrounds.

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Patricia Tomaszek
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