ISEA2011 Istanbul

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14.09.2011 to 21.09.2011
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The 17th international symposium on electronic art.

Critical writing presented:

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At the Time of Writing: Digital Media, Gesture and Handwriting Anna Gibbs, Maria Angel literary practice, literary agency, agency, handwriting, embodied praxis, corporeality, gesture, locative media, graffitti, typography, digital media, literary process
Can We Help Being Creative? James Leach creativity, community, creative community
Creative Communities: Nooks, Niches, and Networks Talan Memmott electronic literature, digital art, community, mailing list, networks, social networks
Electronic Authorship, Collaboration, Community, and Practice Scott Rettberg authorship, collaboration, community, creative community
Making Connections Visible: Building a Knowledge Base for Electronic Literature Scott Rettberg electronic literature, ELMCIP, creativity, cross-referencing, databases, creative community, open access, collaboration, archiving
Narrative in Social Media Dene Grigar narrative, social media, social networking, twitter
Tagging Practices and the Disturbed Dialectic of Literary Criticism Davin Heckman tagging, dialectic, literary criticism, electronic literature, Hegel, semantic web, speed
The Creative Imperative Simon Biggs creativity, social ontology, agency, gift economy, community
The Genealogy of a Creative Community: Why is Afternoon the "Grandaddy" of Hypertext Fiction? Jill Walker Rettberg hypertext fiction, creative community, genealogy, literary history, reception history
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Eric Dean Rasmussen
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