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About Shelley Jackson

Shelley Jackson is the author of the virtually-canonized hypertext novel Patchwork Girl published by Eastgate. Jackson was recently selected as a Village Voice Writer on the Verge. Jackson describes herself as the lovechild of Samuel Beckett and Pippi Longstocking. On her website, ineradicablestain she writes: "Shelley Jackson was extracted from the bum leg of a water buffalo in 1963 in the Philippines and grew up complaining in Berkeley, California. Bravely overcoming a chronic pain in her phantom limb, she extracted an AB in art from Stanford and an MFA in creative writing from Brown. She has spent most of her life in used bookstores, smearing unidentified substances on the spines, and is duly obsessed with books: paper, glue, and ink.

As for ink on paper, she has left her ineradicable stain on Conjunctions, Fence, The Fetish Anthology, and many restaurant napkins. Her first book, The Melancholy of Anatomy, will be published by Anchor in January 2002. Shelley Jackson also illustrates children's books, including two of her own, The Old Woman and the Wave and the forthcoming Alchemical Dog. She lives in transit and specializes in everything."

About the respondent, Joseph Tabbi

Joseph Tabbi is the author of Postmodern Sublime (Cornell 1995) and American Autopoiesis (Minnesota, forthcoming). He edits the electronic book review, teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is at work on editions of the last fiction and collected non-fiction of William Gaddis (Viking/Penguin). His essay on Mark Amerika appeared at the Walker Art Center's phon:e:me site, a 2000 Webby Award nominee.

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"ELO Interactions," May 7, 2002, featuring Shelley Jackson

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