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About Poems that Go

Megan Sapnar and Ingrid Ankerson are the co-editors of Poems That Go, an influential kinetic poetry Web site. Megan Sapnar is completing the M.A. Program in Communications, Culture and Technolog at Georgetown University. Ingrid Ankerson is completing the M.A. Program in Publications Design at the University of Baltimore.

Poems that Go exists to unite words, design, music and motion and to celebrate poetry through technology and the Internet. The Editors write that: "We are interested in exploring a new form of poetry - one that abandons the traditional approach to literature. One which expresses experience, ideas and emotions through motion graphics and animation. One which integrates these art forms to challenge the definition of poetry. One which challenges you, the new writers and artists, to discover extraordinary ways to express emotion."

About the respondent, Michelle Citron

Professor, Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts at Northwestern University, Michelle Citron has made ten films and videos including Parthenogenesis, What You Take for Granted..., and Daughter Rite, a ground breaking experimental narrative about mothers and daughters, which Vincent Canby in the New York Times hailed as a "stunning achievement" Citron's films are distributed in seven countries and are in the permanent collections of over 200 universities and film schools including New York University, the Australian Film and Television School, USC, the Art Institute of Chicago, Brown University, and Yale University. Her films have been reviewed in a range of publications from Variety to Film Quarterly. Her book, Home Movies, Autobiography and Other Necessary Fictions, is published by the University of Minnesota Press. She is also the author/director of the interactive CD Rom narrative, As American As Apple Pie.

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ELO Interactions - Poems That Go (10-5-01)

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