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University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago , IL
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About Newspoetry

Newspoetry is an alternative online news source that presents a poem or prose every day responding to current news. The Urbana, Illinois-based writing collective's efforts produce a unique and ongoing form of social history, commentary, satire, and poetry. An ensemble reading will be performed by a group of newspoets including founder William Gillespie, editor-until-chief Joseph Futrelle, singer-songwriter Paul Kotheimer, Nicolle Ruth Neulist, Anne Bargar and others. Following the reading a discussion of the work will be led by Notre Dame University Associate Professor of English Steve Tomasula.

About the respondent, Steve Tomasula

Steve Tomasula's fictions and essays are forthcoming or have appeared most recently in Fiction International, The Iowa Review, New Art Examiner, Kuntsforum, Circa: The Journal of International Visual Culture, Leonardo, American Book Review, The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Emigre and Black Ice. He received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He serves on the editorial board of ebr, the electronic book review where he guest-edited issues on narrative theory and image.

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