Interactions: 2001 Electronic Literature Awards Winners at the Chicago Humanities Festival

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Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington
Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US
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As part of the Chicago Humanities Festival, Caitlin Fisher, winner of the 2001 Electronic Literature Award for Fiction for "These Waves of Girls" and John Cayley, winner of the 2001 Electronic Literature Award for Poetry for "Windsound," will read from and demonstrate their work. Following the reading, they will be joined by Scott Rettberg and the Judge of the 2001 Award for Fiction, Larry McCaffery, for a discussion of their work and of the field of electronic literature.

About John Cayley and Caitlin Fisher

The winner of the 2001 Electronic Literature Award for Poetry, London-based Anglo-Canadian poet John Cayley is a bookseller and the founding editor of the Wellsweep Press. He is widely known for his writing in networked and programmable media. He has lectured on the writing program at the University of California, San Diego and is now an Honorary Research Associate of Royal Holloway College, University of London, and an Honorary Fellow of Dartington College of Arts, associated with their degree-level course on Performance Writing.

The winner of the 2001 Electronic Literature Award for Fiction, Caitlin Fisher recently completed a hypertextual dissertation in Social and Political Thought and is currently an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Cultural Studies at York University, Toronto. Fisher is a founding editor of j_spot, the Journal of Social and Political Thought and a member of the Public Access art collective. She writes with the 'Stern Writing Mistresses' in Toronto.

About the respondent, Larry McCaffery

Larry McCaffery has published numerous scholarly books and essays dealing with postmodern literature and culture including four volumes of interviews: Anything Can Happen (with Tom LeClair), Alive and Writing (with Sinda Gregory) and Across the Wounded Galaxies, and Some Other Frequency. He is the editor of the influential Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern Science Fiction, and of After Yesterday's Crash: The Avant Pop Anthology. McCaffery has also co-edited the FC2's Black Ice Books since 1992 with Ronald Sukenick. He is currently Professor of English at San Diego State University. McCaffery was the Judge of the 2001 Electronic Literature Award for Fiction.

About the Chicago Humanities Festival

The 2001 Chicago Humanities Festival is a feast for the mind with over 130 programs packed into an annual celebration. From November 1-11, the world's most exciting writers, scholars, actors, musicians, and artists explore Words & Pictures.

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