E-Poetry Summer Intensive

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16.05.2012 to 18.05.2012
SUNY Buffalo Buffalo , NY
United States
New York US
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I-2012 presents an engaging range of topics in and out of digital media and language, film, interactive art, and performance in an innovative format typified by human communication, generous presentation times, extended segments for response by peer scholars, and open and creative thinking as a group. The idea here is for presenters to propose their own field of references — in an effort to enlighten themselves and to help others locate new resources for themselves — in open conversations exploring connections. In terms of content, though numerous other venues exist for considerations of processor determined digital arts (the unreadable, machinic cum machinic, special effects, and data-dominant informatic), I-2012 focuses on the LANGUAGE edge of innovative emergent media practice, i.e, as we speak, read, and intimate, what is happening between the cracks in processing? Such attention is given as simply ONE relevant locus in the larger conversation and it is given cognizant that practice does not fall into distinguishable camps, but exist as contours within a larger media fabric. It asks: What are words when we “mean” through them? What language layers cascade in malleable forms? What our antecedents and contemporaries, without rigid adherence to genre, format, or theme? What are literary production, reading, and philosophy in reconfigured media landscapes? What is performance when language performs? Recognizing larger connections to poeisis as artistic practice, what possibilities are there for extending the reach, impact, and reception of digital media? (Of course, if asked, each Fellow and Invited Speaker would have a different proposal as to the topic of this event. Nothing could be better!) In any event, we hope to be able to share a middle way in the often disparate field of approaches to digital media practice.

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Leonardo Flores
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