Call-for-Papers Texto Digital: "Digital Literature in English: A Trancultural/Transliterary Approach"

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14.03.2012 to 14.05.2012
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
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Texto Digital invites submissions of papers on the theme of transcultural/transliterary readings of digital literature in English. Texto Digital’s June issue 2012 will be dedicated to present the current state of digital literature in English, with special emphasis placed on works or readings which bring to the fore the blurring of cultural and literary boundaries. Our transliterary approach invites reflection on literary proposals which transcend particular literary traditions and cultures, using their digital nature to make the blurring of boundaries effective. From writers of various cultures using the English language as their medium for literary dissemination, passing by unexpected ideal cyber-readers of English digital literature, to works which deal with cultural identity, nomadism, migrations, hibridity, etc.

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Maria Goicoechea
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