The 3rd international conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts

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10.09.2008 to 12.09.2008
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Entertainment and Art are constantly evolving. They are tied to no particular platform, format or place in time, but shaped by the visionaries, innovators, entrepreneurs and brand developers who embrace technology, look to the future and inspire creativity. As a result, new ideas and art forms are brought to life. The recent significant advances in computer entertainment, multi-player/online gaming, technology-enabled art, culture and performance do create new forms of entertainment practices and artistic expression that attract, immerse and absorb their participants. The phenomenal success of such a "culture" to initiate a mass audience in patterns and practices of its own consumption has supported the evolution of an enormously powerful mass entertainment, digital art and performance industry extending deeply into every aspect of our lives, leading further to major societal and business contacting changes.

The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction, Singapore Chapter, has recognized the major role of digital interactive media technologies towards such effect, and has recently initiated the annual International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts (DIMEA) that spans these breath-taking emerging technologies and application areas and envisions bringing together both research and commercial communities, promoting digital interactive media research and practice in the technology-mediated entertainment and art worlds.


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The rhetoric of interactive art works Serge Bouchardon interactive writing, rhetoric, manipulation, gestural manipulation
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Kira Guehring
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