132nd MLA Annual Convention (2017)

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05.01.2017 to 08.01.2017
Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St
PA 19107 Philadelphia , PA
United States
Pennsylvania US
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Critical writing presented:

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'Where Are You Running Off To?': Ghanian Flash Fiction and Flash Fiction Ghana Kwabena Opoku-­Agyemang
80 days: Breaking the Boundaries between Video Games and Literature Kathi Inman Berens materiality, moveable, motion, depth, playable texts, playable books, ergodic, videogames, physical experience, reader experience, interaction
Circle-ing Back to What Matters: Electronic Literature as Material Feminism Jessica Pressman AR/VR, virtual reality, augmented reality, feminism, glitch aesthetics, objects, OOO, object-oriented ontology
Code Before Content? Brogrammer Culture in Games and Electronic Literature Anastasia Salter humanities, arts, STEM, diversity, brogrammer, hypermasculine, code, masculinity, gaming space, communities, gendered rhetoric, socialization, content, evaluation
Going Native: Postcolonial Traditions in Translation Yvonne Hammond
Understanding Cosmo-Literature: The Extensions of New Media Reham Hosny new media, literature, cosmo-literature, media, new new media, democracy, social, cultural, political, global village, cosmopolitanism, digital artifact, multimediality, interactivity, multilingualism, time, suspense, literariness, group identity
Young Adult Literature and the Queer Politics of Artistic Fan Production Angel Matos
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Hannah Ackermans
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