Poesi för en liten grupp

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This article briefly discusses the works of three Swedish poets (Emil Boss, Anna-Maria Ytterbom, and Johannes Heldén), and ultimately finds them confusing and tedious. The third piece, Entropi by Heldén, is a work of ELit. Dahlerus criticizes it as "Mycket svår poesi för ovana lyrikläsare" [Very difficult for inexperienced poetry readers]. He complains that the work forces him to become "något slags lyrikdetektiv" [some kind of poetry detective] to discover clues to the meaning of the poetry. Though he acknowledges that there is a place for "oläsbar poesi" [unreadable poetry], he asserts that too much of this kind of poetry causes him to wish for a new poetry - one that "vågar vara tydlig, vågar kommunicera" [dares to be clear, dares to communicate]. The three reader comments following the article indicate that they all strongly disagree with Dahlerus.

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