Literacy Online: The Promise (and Peril) of Reading (and Writing) with Computers

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The book is divided in to five parts, consists of essays and dialogues discussing computers effect on culture and literature.

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Literacy and Technology, Myron C. Tuman.

Part 1 Computers and New Forms of Texts: Literature in the Electronic Writing Space, Jay David Bolter; Opening Hypertext - A Memoir, Ted Nelson.

Part 2 Computers and New Forms of Teaching English: Hypertext, Metatext, and the Electronic Canon, George Landow; Dominion Everywhere - Computers as Cultural Artifacts, Helen Schwartz.

Part 3 Computers and New Forms of Critical Thought: Looking Out - The Impact of Computers on the Lives of Professionals, Stanley Aronowitz; Grammatology (in the Stacks) of Hypermedia - A Simulation, Greg Ulmer.

Part 4 Computers and New Forms of Administrative Control: The Electronic Panopticon - Censorship, Control, and Indoctrination in a Post-Typographic Culture, Eugene Provenzo; Naturalizing the Computer - English Online, Victor Raskin.

Part 5 Computers and New Forms of Knowledge: Digital Rhetoric - Theory, Practice, and Property, Richard Lanham; How We Knew, How We Know, How We Will Know, Pamela McCorduck. Final Thoughts, Myron C. Tuman.

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Literature in the electronic writing space Jay David Bolter
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