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This performance is about circularity: counterclockwise rotation of letters and words around a central axis on screen, dancers enacting different kinds of spins and gyrating movements focused around a globe. Each concentric line rotates at different speeds, aligning the letters from different lines to generate intriguing combinations. As the performance progresses, the word rotation gradually speeds up until the words become a rapid stream, suggesting an acceleration of time. The dancer’s movements speed up as well, as their playful interactions with the globe become increasingly frantic yet gentle, much like the music by The Kronos Quartet.

Choreography: Kerry Ring
Poetry: Loss Pequeño Glazier
Music: “White Man Sleeps” composed by Kevin Volans,
Performed by The Kronos Quartet
Dancers: Julia Tedesco, Ellie Sanna, Meghan Starnes

(Source: Leonardo Flores, I ♥ E-Poetry)

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