Wish4[0]: 40 Days. 40 News Items. 40 Creative Responses.

Description (in English): 

Wish4[0] takes as its inspiration the perpetual tugging at a user’s consciousness by the digital. Each work takes as its immediate inspiration a headline (or item) drawn from the electronic news cycle of that specific day. The resulting block of poetic works: 1) Act as a digital and creative “literary snapshot” of a specific period. 2) Highlight the accelerated nature of an electronic/networked-based news cycle. 3) Illustrate the discrepancies – and perhaps similarities - between how a digital audience responds to items deemed newsworthy and creative responses to such items. 4) Echo (and partially emulate) elements of digital culture that have become seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives (including programs such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram). This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Pull Quotes: 

"Mez Breeze’s WISH4[0] is something like a forty-day odyssey through contemporary consciousness. Billed as creative interpretations of news items, the work addresses such issues as fake Facebook likes, online surveillance, climate change, and NASA’s 3d pizza printer (to name a few) through video poems, infographics, and classic mezangelled texts that respond to and resonate with cultural obsessions of immediate access to information. As such, the work produces a compelling and resonant reading of our times; a puzzling yet familiar zeitgeist that haunts rather than convinces." - Talan Memmott

Technical notes: 

"Wish4[0]" is set of 40 code poems based on a poetic interpretation of the maxim “Be Careful What You Wish For”. The title of the work, “Wish4[0]” is a truncation - and linguistic reworking – of the idea of wish fulfilment in the digital age. The project examines how willing users and audience members are subjected to an “always-on” news cycle, where social media and content streaming are now a primary method of information sourcing, and privacy is an elastic concept. As extensive use of mobile devices such as smart phones, wearable tech and tablets is now the norm, it’s apparent that the Internet has become a crucial component of our everyday news and entertainment cycle, as well as an omnipresent social tool. From a cultural standpoint, we seem to be reaching a critical point in our consumption and production of digital media, with privacy concerns starting to push back against constant oversharing and the incessant rush of accelerating digital news cycles. And yet, deliberate poetic responses to such critical social issues seem underutilised: Wish4[0] readdresses this imbalance.

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Unsettling doll on a red backgroung
Venus on a white background
Birds flying towards the sun
Frankenstein like figure in front of a sunset
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