Whisper Wire

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Whisper Wire is an unheimlich poem, a code medium sending and receiving un-homed messages, verse fragments, strange sounds, disembodied voices, ghost whispers, distant wails and other intercepted, intuited or merely imagined attempts to communicate across vast distances through copper wires, telegraph cables, transistor radios and other haunted media. The source code of Whisper Wire is based on Nick Montfort’s elegant javascript poetry generator, Taroko Gorge, and the content is drawn from the early history of electromagnetic telecommunication technologies.

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Packet ships channel the feedback loop.
Interferences eavesdrop.
Feedback loops resonate.
Steady hum mediates through ghosts.

fade the phenomena -

Medium captures the buzz and rattle.
Strange noises complement.
Rings reflect.
Pop-pop sound shivers through transistor.

shadow the electronic nonsense noise -

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Whisper Wire || J. R. Carpenter
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J. R. Carpenter