Walks from City Bus Routes

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This web-based computer-generated guide 'book' perpetually proposes plausible yet practically impossible walking routes through the city of Edinburgh and its environs using JavaScript developed by Caden Lovelace and images and text culled from a City of Edinburgh Transport Map published by the Edinburgh Geographical Institute in the 1940s and a pamphlet called Walks from City Bus Routes published by Edinburgh City Transport in the late 1950s.

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DIRECTIONS: Leave the bus and cross the bridge over the canal. Take the footpath about five yards to the left and continue north. Passing a derelict mill you will observe the rather florid facade of a small, unlikely building. Here there is a wide view of the hills - wasted, one feels, on the young, but no doubt comforting to their teachers. The path runs among thickets of rhododendron and flowering trees. The tower was built in 1972 and presented to the city in 1932. Turn Right into the road and follow the path which leads round the shoulder of the hill. If you care to pay the small fee to climb to the top, you will be rewarded with one of the best panoramas in the area. In late autumn the hawthorn hedges assume a remarkable colour. After a few yards, cross the road and continue. Continue along the road from the level crossing to the corner. This walk is not exciting. For the adventurous there is a further section of so-called promenade along the sea wall from the level crossing. The road continues between the grounds of the hospitals to the bus route. For bus route information see appendix.

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Walks from City Bus ROutes || J. R. Carpenter
Walks from City Bus ROutes || J. R. Carpenter
Walks from City Bus ROutes || J. R. Carpenter
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