Velcro and Cupcakes

Description (in English): 

This project used QR codes as a medium for sharing video poetry. Counter to the popular function of QR codes, this work did not aim to promote or sell any products or to gather or share information. In fact, several of the videos intentionally chose organic materials and/or analog technology to specifically counter the ‘hands off’ quality of electronic media and the intended functionality of the codes.

This project included stickers with QR codes. The stickers were posted in public places.

Each sticker had the same phrase:  “I [QR code] U”

Though they looked almost identical, the stickers revealed different symbols when scanned. Each sticker connected with a video, and the video design was inspired by QR code technology.

(Source: Artist's Project Description)

Screen shots: 
A sticker with the text I and You, with a QR code in between, stuck onto a pole outside China Town.
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Ole Samdal