Description (in English): 

"Utter is a new interactive performance work that employs computer speech recognition, motion sensing and digital memory to create an adaptive linguistic palimpsest. The system records speech and the location, movement and orientation of the speaker, using this data to create a dynamic display of texts that can interact with one another" (author-submitted abstract). Older utterances appear darker, smaller and further away whilst recent utterances appear larger, brighter and closer. The actions of the speaker determine the behaviour of the texts. Recorded utterances can recombine with one another, employing structural grammars to create new texts. Grammatical elements can migrate through the emergent 3D ecology of texts and thus through time. Utter engages the performative through the transformative power of language and suggests a system of Chinese-whispers constituted as textual recombinance and migration" (author-submitted abstract).

Technical notes: 

Requires Intel based Mac pro computer, video projection, live Firewire video camera, speech recognition optimised wireless microphone and custom software by the artist.

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Utter performance


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Eric Dean Rasmussen