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Under the Surface (also known as "Who in the Hell is Axel Lundén?") is an trans-media 'unfiction' project. Unfiction is fiction that creates an alternate reality, purporting to be authentic and employing aspects of the real world in its narrative, often spooling out onto other platforms than that upon which it begins. The primary medium of this unfiction is an indie folk artist's website. But characters are found on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. all of these can be interacted with to explore the story. 

The project releases monthly installments in the form of chapters and content drops. The chapters include text, with original illustrations, videos, and music to enhance the experience.

To date, there are seven chapters to enjoy, in addition to numerous supplementary materials including news articles, images, lyrics, and ephemera. Not only digital. Posters for concerts that happened many years ago can be found in Sweden, Norway, and the UK, linking to the main story. 

With a nod to ARGs (alternate reality games) the occasional puzzle or
hidden element invites readers to have a bit of fun, discover extra content and form new theories while interacting with the chapters and content.

Those who sign up for the mailing list may be surprised to receive correspondence directly from the characters themselves.

Striving to be inclusive, Under the Surface is free to the public to promote mental health storytelling.

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Under the Surface - The New Album from Axel Lundén

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