Tu vivras, mon fils (Stay alive my son)

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Based on the internationally celebrated memoirs of Pin Yathay, Tu vivras, mon fils, the immersive, mythical, and cinematic experience puts the player into the shoes of a Cambodian genocide survivor and father. The author’s enduring heart, metaphorically represented by the wondrous temple of Angkor Wat, searches for a missing son and personal salvation. The player uncovers hidden memories from Yathay’s story by completing various puzzles while learning about Cambodia’s troubled history and rich culture. As the player solves each puzzle, Yahtay’s heart experiences healing. A nation similarly heals from its tragic past. Transpiring over 45 years, this is an inspirational saga of a father’s relentless will to survive for his family’s love and bring justice to his country.

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Venice Immersive 2022 - Stay Alive, My Son (Tu vivras, mon fils)

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Martijn Holtkamp