Treasure Heist

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Henry Ark, a professor, brought home a relic during one of his trips to Egypt months prior, unknown to himself, this relic holds a secret. You are recently hired as an assistant to office keeping for Henry and accidentally activated the relic while cleaning the office.
The relic shows the group a vision of Anubis. Cursing them, something that can only be lifted if they pass the Trials of the Gods. If they succeed in passing it, the curse will be lifted but they will be determined to be worthy of the secret the relic hold.
After meeting Anubis, the group found themselves in front of the entrance to an ancient tomb. Determined to solve the mystery, and to survive, they press on toward the tomb. Inside the tomb they found two gates. Given the order to scout either one of the gate, the assistant found themselves separated from each other.
Upon the third gate, the group reunited with the professor, where they face the last challenge in the trial. The group however prevailed. Awarded for their bravery in the face of peril, the gods lift the curse, and the relic reveals to be a map to an ancient treasure site. The professor smiles, knowing that more adventure awaits them with this map.

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Venice Immersive 2022 - Treasure Heist

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Martijn Holtkamp