A Total Jizzfest

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Critical sarcastic reflection on the male domination of the digital media industry. This video celebrates Silicon Valley and the founders of successful com- panies, platforms and blogs such as Microsoft (Bill Gates), Apple (Steve Jobs), Google (Larry Page & Sergey Brin), Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), Twitter (Nick Dorsey), Megaupload (Kim Dotcom), Skype (Niklas ZennstroĢˆm & Janus Friis), Buzzfeed (Jonah Peretti), Tumblr (David Karp & Marco Arment), Vimeo (Jakob Lodwick) and others. Advertising slogans such as ‘Hot Creations’ or ‘The Best Selection’, a post-Internet aesthetic and cheesy soundtracks (including ‘Boys of Paradise’ by Unicorn Kid) turn this video into an amusing and simultaneously caustic inventory, evidencing that the brave new world of media is dominated by male protagonists. According to a study by the American Association of University Women, in 2013 merely 26% of professional computer scientists were women – 9% less than in 1990. Women are even less represented in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is arguably the most disruptive technology since the advent of the Internet. (IA)

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Picture of the work as it was displayed in the original Cmptr Grrrlz art show

*A Total Jizzfest*

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Maud Ceuterick