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A novel-length work of fiction posted to Wattpad:

"Brooklyn Baxter is rich and the world should ideally be his oyster. However, he is trapped inside the shells of his own mind. But rich kids do not get sad.

After getting transferred from yet another school, he is forced into Behavioral Modification as a part of his curriculum where he meets Anastasia Collins. 

On scholarship. On Behavioral Mod. And on a wheelchair.

When a mutual friend takes his own life after his forced sex tape is leaked, his family slowly seems to steadily fall apart and the ghosts of his past threaten to come back and haunt him, Brooklyn turns to Anastasia for an escape.

Because in togetherness, there is peace.

And in solidarity, there is hope.

They embark on a life-changing road trip."

(Source: Wattpad plot summary)

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Samya Roy