With Those We Love Alive

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Porpentine’s With Those We Love Alive is a Twine game that invites the reader to become physically involved through marking up their own body with symbols throughout play.
As a Twine game, the work relies primarily on text and audio along with backgrounds of shifting colors to draw the player into a disturbing science fiction landscape. The game opens with a level of customization that invites the player to become connected and even embedded into the game, choosing their month of birth, element, and eye color.
As the player becomes a servant to a monstrous larval queen, the stage is set for a dystopia of dream-like and vivid yet mundane violence. After playing, the reader has a tangible record of their own choices and identity beliefs in the drawings on one’s skin.
It's inspired by mob violence, trash struggle, C-PTSD, and child abuse. It's also inspired by friendship between trash girls. In most media there’s an unspoken belief that feminine lifeforms can't survive on their own, can't have spaces of their own, can’t have relationships of their own. The author try to go against this with basically everything she make.

(Source: http://collection.eliterature.org/3/work.html?work=with-those-we-love-alive)

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Glass flowers on iron stalks. Canopy of leafbone. Statues sunk into the earth.

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Porpentine, With Those We Love Alive (screen shot)
Porpentine, With Those We Love Alive (screen shot)
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